Nick Meima, M.S. has worked with leaders at every level and in every industry. He is a former CEO, franchise owner, entrepreneur, and president of non-profit organizations and a large trade organization.

Kevin Van Liere has spent his career working with people in various leadership and business development roles while at the same time using his technical background to integrate left-brain and right brain thinking

“If you want to create healthy relationships—you have to start with yourself by living from the belief of being enough.”

During his time as a CEO, Nick experienced the pain and grief of a divorce from his first wife. During this time, Nick sought help from traditional counseling and local support groups, but he found these methods to be inconsistent and ineffective.

For many years, Nick has devoted his life to sharing his experience as a CEO dealing with pain and instability while trying to heal the professional, social and parental dimensions of his own divorce to help people who are embarking on the most challenging and emotional point of their lives—divorce.

He holds a B.A. in Psychology, and a M.S. in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling and Gerontology, as well as a Certificate in Organizational Change. He has also undergone extensive training in Facilitation, and Counselling and Consulting.

Nick is a graduate of Bruce Fisher’s Rebuilding Seminar, which is recognized as proven and effective divorce support learning sessions, helping individuals, couples and groups through the process of ending relationships. Since graduating, Nick has continued to refine his own process and tools for guiding professionals through the tumult of divorce and has worked with hundreds of clients in his 12-week program including C-suite professionals, physicians and medical professionals, judges, lawyers, and business owners.

Nick is driven to provide support, recovery, and leadership through his work to ensure his clients become resilient and regain control of their lives.

While President of a manufacturing company his marriage ended abruptly and unexpectedly. The intense emotions were overwhelming. For 8 months he tried to cope using all of the leadership and personal development skills he had learned. It helped but it wasn't enough.

When he found a coach that was able to move him out of the difficult period in his life in just a few weeks he decided that he wanted to help others the same way he had been helped.

Kevin is a Certified Life Coach, and went through a 2 Year Intensive Divorce Coaching program. Now he works with Nick to provide support and coaching to people that are struggling like he did.

Kevin is a graduate of Bruce Fisher’s 10-Week Rebuilding program, which covers 19 steps in recovery. Building on these tools he continues to innovate and use his technical background to make the tools and information easy to understand, faster to implement, and more integrated than ever before. He helping individuals and groups through the process of ending relationships.

He works with engineers, doctors, lawyers, business professionals, and even retired professionals that want to move on from the pain of divorce by learning and growing from the experience in order to make every day great.

Kevin brings humor, compassion, and focus to every coaching session so that clients are able to quickly heal and move on.

"As a surgeon, I was desperate to find a way to cope with my divorce. My confidence was undermined. My performance in the operating room, and my interactions with patients, staff and colleagues were all deteriorating. Fortunately a friend recommended Nick’s work. The process started getting easier almost right away. The difference between where I am now vs where I started from is like night and day."

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